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  1. Hi Michelle ’ I’m sorry to hear about your Mom, I’ve just gone through a difficult time with my Mom and cancer ,you’re doing the right thing by being with your Mom right now. Take care. To perk you up a bit, you Cocoa Butter is fabulous! Don’t stop making it!

  2. Hello and thank you for your feedback. I am so pleased that you like my blog. I was in a predicament as to whether or not I was going to continue with the Blog and I have taken your comment as an answer from the Universe – so Thank you !I will be writing once a week as I don’t want to inundate people with too much. Please keep in touch

  3. 192סוף סוף מישהו יודע על מה אני מדברת… אכן בדרום הן כנראה פחות נפוצות כי רוב הקומפוסטאים איתם התייעצתי לא ידעו במה מדובר – אז הדיווח – אני אמנם לא דרומית לב”ש אלא קצת צפון מערבית אבל הרימות הגיעו לחבל הבשור….21

  4. The problem is government spending, not taxes.When government gets into the business of taking money from some and giving it to others it creates a positive feedback system that drives unrelentingly toward disaster. The only way to fix it is to put government back in the constitutional box and get it out of the business of redistributing wealth.Trying to curb the appetite of elected officials who buy our votes with our own tax dollars is like trying to stop a tsunami with a cardboard box.

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