6 thoughts on “Úloha 14

  1. If about Democrat policies are truly faulty and unsustainable, the extremity of our present problems will impose a fiscal and social implosion in the days ahead. Two years from now should be just about the right time for conscientious Americans of any party to find some good sense and turn back to the still small voice of reason and prudence. Your strategy for community organizing, if implemented, should be enough impetus to make the necessary difference in 2014. Although, from my perspective, "community" organizing actually translates to "church" and "synagogue" networking.

  2. I just answered another question about this same issue. The two cartoons are similar, yes, but the concept of using some form of music or entertainment as torture in Hell is relatively common. I’m sure Larson’s wasn’t the first take on it and Wayno’s won’t be the last. :o)

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