4 thoughts on “Úloha 16

  1. I’m not much of a baker-so I’m going to share with you my chocolate in a fix treat -I have two- You will need-Rice krispies, butter, wax paper , a bag of mini marshmallows and one cup of Ghiradelli choclate pieces. I prepare the rice krispie squares as instructed on the cereal box. It is found on all boxes, including store brands-once squares are in pan. I melt chocolate chips either in sauce pan or microwave till they are very soft, almost liquid and then drizzle over the entire rice krispe pan.Enjoy

  2. The Sheriff seems to be taking a good few weeks (3-4) to come out. Your time will vary depending on a number of factors (how many evvictions are going right now, how many in your district, the weather, etc.) It is impossible to get the time right on the nose. Unfortunately, judges don’t take this time lag into account when they make their decisions about the automatic stay. They give the tenant time to get out and then, when the tenants don’t leave, they have even more time while waiting for the Sheriff. I feel your pain.

  3. Félicitation a tous et toute , on a constaté une très grosse progression depuis l’année dérniere, mais ce n’est qu’un debut les choses serieuse peuvent commencer, gare a l’équipe de Flanc(e).!

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