Úloha 17


V ktorej možnosti sú všetky slová a slovné spojenia napísané byzchybne?

A. anglický jazyk, víno z Francúzska, jazyk Angličanov, Francúzske zemiaky
B. Anglický trávnik, anglický jazyk, francúzske zemiaky, pekné Francúzky
C. Angličanka, známe trávniky Angličanov, francúzsky koňak, francúzka výslovnosť
D. francúzske zemiaky, anglické trávniky, zaplavené anglické územia, história Francúzov





2 thoughts on “Úloha 17

  1. The tech press, being as it is, sees a chance to take a shot at Microsoft. Meanwhile, the rest of the world sees a famous iGadget users talking about her new Surface and the Surfaces she got for family members. What does it matter that she used her old tablet to tweet about it?

  2. Thank you LoudPatriot, but he is blind. Blind to reason for sure, and I’m beginning to think they all are. Voting along party lines and believing whatever these neo-con pieces want them to believe… “oh tax beaks for the rich will help my poor ass? cool!”. And Rastlin… religious scientists and scholars don’t count when it comes to a debate about the earth’s climate change. Read outside the christian conservative blogs about how all of us “college edumacated” types are ruining america with our humanistic morals and our testable science. Damn us.

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